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Fight Craw

Fight Craw

Craw very imitative in shape and movement, available in 3 sizes and eight colors The material with which it is built is very soft and gives this lure a great movement in the water, moreover the scent to the shrimp and the salt contained in the rubber make the predator able to keep the softbait in the mouth as long as possible.

The main feature of this softbait are the air pockets in the claws, for three reasons:
• in the static phase the claws will float, then they will simulate a shrimp in a defense position. 

• in the recovery phase we will have a softer and more sinuous movement creating low frequency vibrations, excellent for very stressed and apathetic fish.
• during the stop and the shake the claws will produce small movements simulating the vital movements of the shrimp. This feature is very suitable especially for suspicious fish and in the coldest periods. The small legs combined with the grooves of the body and the antennas produce very interesting vibrations when using this rubber in cover when fishing texas or jig. The 50 mm version has been designed for fishing for perch, light game and light rock fishing, while the larger sizes find their general use in fishing for freshwater predators and sea bass.

code pieces packaging size
45631xx 8 10 3" - 75mm
45632xx 6 10 4" - 100mm
45633xx 10 10 2" - 50mm