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F2 Telescopic

F2 Telescopic

The new F2 Telescopic are thin and perfectly balanced telescopic rods for bolentino or drifting fishing. They are 2XMulti Tip Equipped, that is equipped with two different sensitivity tips: the Light version includes an UL tip (up to 80g) and an L (up to 120g), the Medium Light and Medium version an L tip and an M (up to 160g). They are also compatible with the entire TGT series for maximum customization. Equipped with high-quality SiC rings, rear rubber butt cap and Light Rubber handle with raised inserts.


x914103 Cima UL - 700 mm - Ø 4,60 mm

x914102 Cima L - 700 mm - Ø 4,60 mm

x914101 Cima M - 650 mm - Ø 4,60 mm

code type size diameter weight sections closed length
03979xx Light 3,80 - 4,50m 21,60 mm 305 g 5+2 130 cm
03980xx Medium-Light 3,80 - 4,50m 22,50 mm 325 g 5+2 130 cm
03981xx Medium 3,80 - 4,50m 22,60 mm 346 g 5+2 130 m
03982xx Ultra-Light 3,80 - 4,50m 21,40 mm 291 g 5+2 130 cm