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Genetic Pro

Genetic Pro

The Gorilla Boat Genetic Pro are the evolution of three sections boat rods, excellent to satisfy the needs of those fi shermen who practice drifting and bolentino fi shing. Very thin handle, three sections rods with N.I.C.I. System, equipped with two diff erent action A.P. Flex tips and one extra second section that allows diff erent setting of rod in accordance with angler’s needs. Sea Guide SiC guides, very light and resistant to corrosion, the San Fu reel seat is fi xed at opposite direction. Butt section with rubber cap.

x9153xx Cima/Tip A.P. Flex Genetic Pro Medium - 760 mm - Ø 4,60 mm
x9154xx Cima/Tip A.P. Flex Genetic Pro Strong - 600 mm - Ø 4,60 mm

code size diameter weight sections closed length power
03992xx 3,70 m 19,00 mm 330 g 3+1+2 135 cm MAX 200 g - bolentino MAX 400g
03993xx 4,20 m 19,40 mm 346 g 3+1+2 150 cm MAX 200 g - bolentino MAX 400g
03999xx 3,20 m 17,00 mm 212 g 3+1+2 101 cm MAX 200 g - bolentino MAX 400g