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Bolentino rods available both in telescopic and in multisection version in the sizes of 3.00 and 3.50 meters, equipped with two tips of different power. They have been designed for bottom fishing from the boat with an eye on the sea bream and sea bass of the Northern Adriatic lagoons. These powerful and handy rod are able to handle 300 or even 400 gram weights for the multisection version. Equipped with sturdy SiC stone rings, metal screw reel seat to support even generously sized reels, Shrink Rubber handle for excellent grip and rubber rear cap to make combat comfortable.

x91740L Tip Giudecca/Giudecca Tele Light - 700 mm - Ø 4,60 mm
x91740M Tip Giudecca/Giudecca Tele Medium - 600 mm - Ø 4,60 mm

code size diameter weight sections closed length power
04005xx 2,70 m 18,90 mm 231 g 2+2 141 cm 200 g BOLENTINO: 400 g
04010xx 3,00 m 19,90 mm 278 g 2+2 156 cm 200 g BOLENTINO: 400g
04011xx 3,50 m 20,30 mm 328 g 2+2 176 cm 200 g BOLENTINO: 400g