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These rods, developed and tested by Marco Volpi, take their name from the famous shoal off the coast of Livorno. They are in two pieces with N.I.C.I. and equipped with two A.P. Flex of different sensitivity. They are born for vertical fishing by triggering live baits, such as cephalopods and fish, or dead baits, but they are also suitable for trolling with the use of fixed drum reels. They are characterized by extraordinary power, robustness, sensitivity to bites and are suitable for undermining groupers, snappers, amberjacks, as well as large-sized alletterati and even tuna. Their progressive and elastic action ensures full fun even with much smaller fish, making it a multipurpose rod. They are equipped with a sturdy polycarbonate butt, metal reel seat, aluminum cruise and Sea Guide guides.

x921001 Cima/Tip A.P. Flex Meloria Medium - 540 mm - Ø 4,60 mm
x921002 Cima/Tip A.P. Flex Meloria Light - 540 mm - Ø 4,60 mm

code size diameter weight sections closed length power
04108xx 2,80 m 14,80 mm 554 g 2+2 155 cm 12 - 30 lb
04109xx 2,80 m 16,60 mm 590 g 2+2 155 cm 20 - 40 lb