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R Match 1

R Match 1

Float for match fishing with very particular characteristics. The body is made of high-density closed cell EVA, perfectly waterproof and indestructible and the non-toxic adjustable lead is made of brass. It is painted with a very elastic product that makes it particularly robust and resistant to shocks and any deformation.

Inside the body there is a hollow shaft that can be removed with great advantages for the fisherman:
• interchangeability of the rod to be able to replace the color of the antenna or the possibility of turning it from the black part without repainting.
• possibility to offset the float slightly by extracting the antenna a few millimeters.
• possibility of varying the calibration by inserting lead shot inside the bulb without changing the lead in the line.
• possibility of using the rods of the R Match Bream model on the bulb of the R Match 1 model in order to transform the float according to fishing needs.
• extremely light and non-deformable temples that guarantee great casting precision.

code size
18476xx g: 8,00 - 10,00 - 12,00 - 14,00 - 16,00
18477xx g: 18,00 - 20,00 - 22,00 - 25,00