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R Match 45

R Match 45

Float for match fishing, with a body made of high-density closedcell EVA, perfectly waterproof, with a tapered shape for greater casting precision. Inside the body there is a hollow rod with a diameter of 4.5mm which can be removed with great advantages for the fisherman:

• interchangeability of the rod to be able to replace the color of the antenna or possibility of turning it to the black side without coloring it.
• possibility of slightly adjusting the float by extracting the antenna a few millimetres.
• possibility of varying the calibration by inserting lead pellets inside the bulb without modifying the lead inthe line.
 • extremely light and nondeformable shafts which guarantee great casting precision.

code weight
14511xx g: 12,00 - 14,00 - 16,00
14512xx g: 18,00 - 20,00 - 22,00