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Ryobi AP Power XL Light

Ryobi AP Power XL Light

Lighter version of the Ryobi’s reel most powerful on the market! Extreme features like power and strength, the body is completely sealed with special seals that prevent water infiltration, is made entirely of metal as well as the rotor. The large spool in cold-forged aluminum while the handle lever is one-piece to guarantee strength and absolute rigidity. Three discs Carbotex ensure modularity and a considerable power to the drag and give it an amazing drag max 15 kg (30 lbs) and O-ring seals also make this part completely waterproof and insulated from dust and sand. The AP Power XL Light fitted with 12 stainless steel ball bearings including 2 inside the spool on the drag, one on the line roller and one on both bail arms, in addition to those of main rotor, shaft and transmission, for smoothness without equal.

(Available only for italian market)



code type weight ball bearings max drag gear ratio spool capacity
99197** 20000 880 g 12 15 kg 4,4:1 Ø 0,500/300 m